How to Have a Great Relationship With Your Doctor

We trust our doctors with our care, so of course we want our relationship with them to be a good one. Our doctors want that too, but all of them, from your family care practitioner to any specialists you may see, all have patients whose names on the schedule make them cringe. Here’s how not to be one of those patients.

Be polite to the office staff. There’s never any need to be nasty. Even if the doctor is running late or they didn’t return a call right away, always treat them with respect.


Show up on time.  Yes, chances are you won’t get in to see the doctor at the exact time your appointment is for, but you still need to show up on time-and if you are running late, call to let them know. If they tell you you’ll need to reschedule, do so. Patients that can’t be bothered to show up on time and then demand to be seen when they show up an hour late are a big part of the reason doctors are always running behind!


Follow instructions. If the doctor prescribes a medication, test or treatment, do what he says. It’ll help you feel better faster!