The Best Types of Exercises for the Elderly

It’s almost ironic that just as your mobility diminishes, you need exercise more than ever to keep your body healthy. If you’re nearing or of retirement age, your doctor’s probably talked to you about incorporating regular exercise routines into your schedule. Even if stiffness, arthritis and injury have slowed you down, there are exercises you can do.


Look for Pilates groups and enjoy the benefits of low-impact, high-result stretching and core exercises to improve blood circulation and flexibility. This exercise also helps the spine to decompress and fixes incorrect movements so you stop aggravating the wear and tear of your body associated with aging. Pilates are ideal for anyone experiencing mobility issues, and the small group sizes will reward you with more one-on-one attention from the instructors.

Rock Climbing

Enroll in a rock climbing group specifically for seniors and enjoy a class more suited to your pace. With instructor guidance and a harness, amaze yourself with how high you can climb. If you sign up for a gym membership at a gym with classes that cater to seniors, you’ll feel more comfortable surrounded by your peers.

As a senior, it’s essential you exercise only under proper supervision. Physical trainers know the correct level of physical activity for a senior and will keep you safe and healthy as you build endurance.